23 Oct 2020 00:01:23
Just a suggestion, I would doubt it ever happening. Just wondering would the value be close or am I nuts.

Mtl:Price, Arturi L, Chiarot


Imo Mtl needs a better center then Danault

Mtl should not be spending 15 million in goalies imo. That's nuts. I love Price but he's north worth 10 million . Let's solid the center position and get the best offence in the NHL. Allen and Subban is solid imo. Chicago with some arguments aloud, gets the best nhl goalie for the next 2 years. They hope he does what Roy did a while ago. I know it's never happening.

1.) 12 Nov 2020
12 Nov 2020 12:48:34
Which team was Subban solid on?