19 Jun 2022 19:18:56
To MTL-$7.925mil
LD/RD-Jusso Valimaki @1.55/RFA2023
C-Sean Monahan @6.375/UFA2023
LD-Jeremie Poirier @ELC
2022-2nd Round Pick-CGY

To CGY: $4.5mil
C-Christian Dvorak @4.5/UFA2025
D-Kaiden Guhle @ELC
LD-Arber Xhejak @ELC

MTL Trades Joel Edmundson separately for additional picks, but get out of Dvorak's contract commitment, get a Good Sized NHL ready D-Man who can play either side, their desired French D-Prospect and another 2nd Round Pick for their rebuild. CGY gains Cap Space + replaces 2 D-Prospects.

1.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 21:47:46
You must be a Calgary fan. Nothing wrong with Dvorak. Valamaki doesn't even make the team and Monahan has zero value. Guhle is a better prospect then Poirier. Habs lose every aspect of the deal.

2.) 04 Jul 2022
04 Jul 2022 05:09:01
This might be the worst mock trade I have ever seen. Kent Hughes would hangup the phone and never do business with calgary again.