22 Jun 2022 04:20:53
To NJD: $5.5 million
RW-Josh Andersson @5.5m/UFA2027
G-Cayden Primeau @Signing Rights/RFA

To MTL: $3.075 million
LW-Tomas Tatar @4.5m/UFA2023 (50% Ret.)
RW-Nathan Bastian @825k/RFA2023
2022-3rd Round Pick-NJD

OPTION #2 To MTL: $2.25 million
T.Tatar (50% Ret.) + 2nd, 3rd & 7th RD Picks

1.) 22 Jun 2022
22 Jun 2022 20:23:08
John anderson is worth a first round draft pick and possibly as high as a top A prospect. I said before anderson and 2 first round picks to New Jersey for the 2 overall pick. I would say right now his value is almost that 2nd overall pic if Montreal drafts properly and knows they can get the second overall pic. I’m not sold on wright. But Montreal needs to draft slafovsky 1st overall amd have a trade made to the devils for the second overall pick and take wright. Anderson would have to be in a the draft along with possibly there 26th overall pic or primeau. The devils have had interest in primeau for afew years and his value went up this year. They are dumping salary amd getting an amazing winger.