12 Jul 2022 20:45:06

1.) 22 Jul 2022
22 Jul 2022 02:45:57
Dvorak, Gallagher, Byron, amd Allen need to go if price is healthy to play. I would think price should go too but if he gets hurt then he’s useful for the ltir. If price bounces back this season I’d try and trade him at the deadline. 10.5 million is to much cap space for a goalie. It probably would have been ok if c.v. hadn’t slowed down the salary cap. Drouin may need to go too. But who knows if he comes back around and signs a small salary like say 4 yearat like 2.5 million a season he could be a fine player to keep for the rebuild. Or better yet trade him and sign him back next off season. Put in some performance bonuses. I believe Montreal should have a lot more French players playing on there roster. Montreal use to have first dibs to all French Canadian hockey players. The Montreal canadiens put a lot of money out in developing kids in Quebec when the league took that away from them the delevopment in French Canadian kids is not the same.