07 Dec 2022 00:26:53
Dreaming but.

to EDM:

-Josh Anderson
-Sean Monahan
-Arber Xhekaj
-2x 2023 1st first round picks
-Logan Mailloux

to MTL:

-Connor McDavid

1.) 07 Dec 2022
07 Dec 2022 04:06:51
This is more of what the trade rumour is to Edmonton
Joel edmunston to edmonton
Jesse puljarvvi, Xavier bourgault, and either a 2nd or 3rd pick.
Now that would open up the option of trading anderson which I really like him but jersey wants him really badly. So they could of a package for one if there two younger goaltenders in either nico Dawes or I can’t remember other one but he’s playing very well they take back Devon sverson to make the cap work. Could make a huge block buster trade with New Jersey. Sverson may bring a draft pick and another decent prospect come deadline time.