18 Feb 2022 02:51:49
Brendan Gallagher, 2022 3rd round to the ducks for Max Comtois

1.) 20 Feb 2022
20 Feb 2022 03:11:23
Make that Comtois and Jacob Perreault, and 2nd rd pick.

2.) 18 Mar 2022
18 Mar 2022 15:38:48
Montreal needs cap space the rumour is Montreal wants comtois and Gallagher really has no value. Anihem would be doing Montreal a favour. Gallagher is overplayed by about 2.5 million a season. Only reason he got that much is Bergeron rewarded him for taking the 3.75 for six years on last contract. Berveron overplayed him, Jeff petry and even price. I would have let them all walk. Berveron cap strapped the canadiens. Montreal is going to have to get rid of bad contracts without having to retain salary. They may even have to trade players for bad contracts, that are shorter term.