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13 May 2022 10:30:23
Agree 100% Shane Wright is not the answer for the Habs. Hughes will figure that out, if not, prolonged rebuild!

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11 May 2022 03:23:56
If Montreal drafts Shane wright I'm finished with them as a die hard Montreal fan. It would be like Montreal taking doug wickenheiser over denis savard all over again.

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14 Feb 2022 18:57:23
Habs traded Toffoli for Pitlick, Heineman, a 1st and a 2024 5th rd.
Wow. That is extremely disappointing. I think they could have done a lot better.
Dube, Pelletier, and possibly a 1st or 2nd.
Maybe I'm wishful thinking. But totally disappointed in this trade. Only good thing here is the 1st rd pick.

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18 Feb 2022 04:55:51
Montreal had to take pitlick for salary reasons to make the cap work for Calgary.
Should have been pretty much the same other than the fifth round pick should have been a second or third. Pelletier Is to small they got Caufield and Gallagher at the moment. Dube still has term. Heineman Isn’t signed yet. So it’s a prospect they don’t have to add to there 50 contracts list yet.
Gorton and Hughes are trying to clean up the mess of salaries Bergeron signed. Gorton and Hughes have a list of players they want. And looking at the upcoming free agents I’m sure they want to sign afew. And I’m sure Hughes and gorton, are not going to do the rebuild everyone is talking about. They are just getting rid of bad contracts that Bergeron signed. And already are two steps ahead.

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11 Feb 2022 15:02:37
I never expected Cayden Primeau to be ever on the levels as Carey Price as the next great Habs Goalie, but I was thinking he had the chance to be a decent quality starting Goalie in time.
What Montreal has done to this kid is brutal, , his confidence is so low, that i'm worried they have wrecked him
Pick up a damn waiver wire Goalie. A veteran. Jus let this kid go back to the Minors and get some confidence.
I think if I was his agent, i'd be advising him to seek a trade.

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26 Jan 2022 18:52:16
Hey Habs fans, just had an interesting conversation with some other Habs fans on Twitter. Do you guys actually believe that Ben Chiarot is a Top Pairing Defensemen? Just had an argument with some toxic fans that think he’s worth a First and 2 A-Prospects.

( no they weren’t trolling, it’s actually what they believe )

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28 Nov 2021 21:53:50
Well I'm not to sure how I feel about Bergevin being fired. I am in full support of Trevor Timmons being let go.
Bergevin did a lot of good for the Habs, as well as a couple trades I'm sure he would want back.
I guess its time for a change, but deffenitley will miss Bergevin, and am thankful for what he did. Never was a dull moment that's forsure.

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28 Nov 2021 21:09:26
Looks like Habs are cleaning house.
Bergervin & Timmons & Wilson all got fired today.
Hiring Jeff Gorton.
Huge shake up. But happy to see Timmons finally go. Bergervin did some good things but also did some head scratching things.
Lot of questions and concerns in Habs nation.

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28 Nov 2021 21:55:05
With Bergevin gone, let's start thinking about who will be next GM.

My top candidates would be:

Joel Bouchard
Martin Brodeur
Roberta Luongo
Any Habs alumni not named Patrick Roy
Julien Brisebois would be a pipe dream

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28 Nov 2021 10:54:18
With the Habs apparently looking to add Jeff Gorton above the GM, let's start thinking about who will be next GM (preferably before the trade deadline; ideally asap).

I am thinking the best options would be:

Joel Bouchard
Martin Brodeur
Roberta Luongo
Any number of Habs alumni not named Patrick Roy
Brisebois from TB would be a pipe dream


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20 Oct 2021 07:47:45
0-4 to start the season,
we supposedly got fire power but there's not much going on. I know it's early but maybe we can switch up the lines a bit. Last years glory is obviously not working.

Toffoli-dvorak-gallager (gritty first liners ( maybe not dvorak but he wins the most faceoffs so far) able to score and shut down first lines

drouin-suzuki-anderson ( make or break line, prove why you belong line)

hoffman-brooks-caufield (let them play with no pressure and bring up a center with dangerous wings for once )

armia-evans-lehkonen ( 4th responsible kill line with upside )

on the defense
it's tricky with not many options

ben chiarot - jeff petry (proven players, may not have chemistry but show the kids how it's done, shut down, play hard and step up)

romanov - savard (play smart, try not to lose your spot)

kulak - wideman (only play more than 10 minutes if were up a few goal)

right now we don't have many options, we have injuries to key player yet will byron, or edmunston really change much?

looking at this team I expected more, atleast on offence, should we fire the coach? are our players not buying in?

let me know what you think?
what changes would you suggest?

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