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20 Oct 2021 07:47:45
0-4 to start the season,
we supposedly got fire power but there's not much going on. I know it's early but maybe we can switch up the lines a bit. Last years glory is obviously not working.

Toffoli-dvorak-gallager (gritty first liners ( maybe not dvorak but he wins the most faceoffs so far) able to score and shut down first lines

drouin-suzuki-anderson ( make or break line, prove why you belong line)

hoffman-brooks-caufield (let them play with no pressure and bring up a center with dangerous wings for once )

armia-evans-lehkonen ( 4th responsible kill line with upside )

on the defense
it's tricky with not many options

ben chiarot - jeff petry (proven players, may not have chemistry but show the kids how it's done, shut down, play hard and step up)

romanov - savard (play smart, try not to lose your spot)

kulak - wideman (only play more than 10 minutes if were up a few goal)

right now we don't have many options, we have injuries to key player yet will byron, or edmunston really change much?

looking at this team I expected more, atleast on offence, should we fire the coach? are our players not buying in?

let me know what you think?
what changes would you suggest?

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29 Aug 2021 00:13:20
Montreal shouldn’t match Kotkaniemi’s offer sheet. They don’t have the cap for it and the 1ST, 3RD could be valuable in this strong draft.

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06 Aug 2021 02:10:46
Gonna miss Tatar. I know he had a lot of flaws, and I understand why Habs aren't re signing him, however, he was a really good player for Montreal.
Habby, Turkey. or whoever else.

Outta these 3. who would ya rather have?

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01 Aug 2021 05:45:22
Tyler Toffoli - Nick Suzuki - Cole Caufield
Mike Hoffman - Jesperi Kotkaniemi - Patrick Kane
Evander Kane - Mathieu Perreault - Brendan Gallagher
Brendan Leipsic - Austin Watson - Jake Virtanen

Logan Mallioux - Slava Voynov
Ben Chiarot - Jeff Petry
Alexander Romanov - Tony DeAngelo

Scratched : J. Anderson, J. Armia, C. Paquette, J. Edmundson, D. Savard, J. Drouin

Damn the habs look very dangerous. going to be a really good team this year.

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24 Jul 2021 17:02:53
Well.Logan maiiloux is the habs pick here are some reasons why he was picked. Big,fast, right hand shot dman. Imo based on what I saw of him this year and from what I've heard and read from most of the draft fanatics I know and follow under different circumstances he is a top 20 pick this year and would for sure even under the current circumstances would have been a real early 2nd round pick. Strictly hockey based I love the pick but from a PR stand point it's going to be rough. All though the incident is getting blowed out of proportion by the media it was still wrong but it was imo a stupid mistake made by a kid who has since shown remorse and regret.and with so many incidents over the years from players who have been full grown men at the time I don't think this is the guy that deserves to be crucified maybe him and the habs organization can use this opportunity to raise more awareness about this kind of thing and not only for the players but the victims as well.

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20 Jul 2021 15:14:08
Latest report is kraken are taking daneult from Montreal and there is already a deal in place for 8 years at 5.8 per lol.

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08 Jul 2021 15:35:31
Ok so Nikita kucherov has never been known as a classy player, last nights post game has pretty much guaranteed he never will be. The thing that gets me more then the crapping on the fans who help pay his contract and helped keep the franchise alive that he plays for is the disrespect he showed for Marc Andre fleury. When fleury made that Bobble that lead to the Montreal goal in the Vegas series you would be hard pressed to find anyone who was really giving him a rough time about it. The reason being Marc andre fleury has class and eventhough he might be your opponent you give him respect. i'd like to be able say to kuch to watch himself in the corners next year against Montreal but he probably won't go there anyway or maybe he pretends to be injured again all season so Tampa can stay out of cap hell. And above all else about his demeanour post game the biggest question still remains. How in the world do you get that drunk off bud light? Dude had Cookie Monster eyes lol

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25 Jun 2021 06:15:18
So happy for Marc Bergevin!. and Richardson and Price and Weber!.
Whatever happens. so happy and proud of this team! And WOW. Caufield is a player!!!!!!.

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12 Jun 2021 23:39:08
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Shocks Part 1 - Mike Tyson v Buster Douglas

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19 May 2021 00:46:24
What do Habs fans think of Ducharmes decision to sit KK, Caufield and Romanov for game 1?

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