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07 Dec 2022 00:26:53
Dreaming but.

to EDM:

-Josh Anderson
-Sean Monahan
-Arber Xhekaj
-2x 2023 1st first round picks
-Logan Mailloux

to MTL:

-Connor McDavid

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07 Dec 2022 04:06:51
This is more of what the trade rumour is to Edmonton
Joel edmunston to edmonton
Jesse puljarvvi, Xavier bourgault, and either a 2nd or 3rd pick.
Now that would open up the option of trading anderson which I really like him but jersey wants him really badly. So they could of a package for one if there two younger goaltenders in either nico Dawes or I can’t remember other one but he’s playing very well they take back Devon sverson to make the cap work. Could make a huge block buster trade with New Jersey. Sverson may bring a draft pick and another decent prospect come deadline time.

15 Nov 2022 13:23:34
Hoffman (50% salary retained) and 2024 second round pick for Future Considerations to any team that will accept the deal

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17 Nov 2022 09:14:37
Montreal is rebuilding, why trade Hoffman and give anythjng up, trade players that have some value rather than give up draft pick. Hoffman may bring a 3 rd round pick or something at deadline if Montreal isn’t in contention for a playoff run. Calgary gave up a 1st round pick to sign kadr only cause they needed to make room. Montreal doesn’t neee to make room at this moment. You won’t see Montreal trading picks to take bad contracts.

29 Nov 2022 18:49:13
Insulting to Mike Hoffman! Patience, right deal will come along!

13 Nov 2022 08:59:37
Montreal trades Christian Dvorak, 2022 first round pick, conditional second round pick, Jan mysak amd right to Jayden struble to
St. Louis for Ryan oreilly.

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13 Nov 2022 12:03:32
That Would Go Down As Worst Trade Ever.

13 Nov 2022 12:53:00
Dvorak for O'Reilley would be too much. Forget about the 1ST, 2nd and two prospects.

13 Nov 2022 17:04:38
Dvorak, hasn’t scored twenty goals in a season, hasn’t even gotten 40 points in a season. He’s played nine playoff games, Montreal gave up to much to acquire him, he isn’t a second line centre, at best he’s a third line centre which they don’t need. The team they have is missing a second line centre and the price you pay for that does come with a cost. And he has been given many opportunities to prove himself.
Ryan oreilly resume, he can score 30 goals in a season. Still, oh he’s put up more points I one season than Dvorak does in two, he’s won a cup, a conn smythe, only reason why he’s off to a slow start is cause his team is. There is no room to sign him there after this season. Amd the line he’s one isn’t very good. Montreal needs to shed cap for the next 2 seasons. If Montreal had someone that has his experience playing down the middle. That plays a two way game as he does. He puts the puck in the next when needs to be done. He’s 31 years old. Montreal doesn’t need anymore wingers or defensman. Once Matheson is back will be a huge change. They have a mix of experience with youth. There wingers, are decent, they have centreman playing wing, for the first time in decades there weakest position is goal. They have a shut down defense that will compensate that as the season goes on. This team is better than the leafs, they are better than most the teams in the league. The only thing is the media made them out and I be terrible. Oreilly could be your kadri of last year. So I don’t think it’s much to give up for a second line centre that plays both ends that is a winner. Oreilly has something to prove, this is his contract season. Montreal needs cap space for the coming seasons. I would rather see him in Montreal than playing against him in Toronto or Boston. If they pulled off a playoff spot, that isn’t to far fetch. Montreal for decades been weak at centre. So pay the price and take a gamble. He would make an amazing prence around all these young players.

13 Nov 2022 23:16:53
O'Reilley is a UFA at end of year. Love the guy but he has no value to Habs. He is no better than a third line Center himself now.

14 Nov 2022 05:45:48
I’m not saying he’s coming back next year, but this is what I know. Montreal could compete very well this year this out played Pittsburgh bad and I mean really bad this is just an example of one game this year. Even tough Boston is off to an awesome start they are going to start wearing down come playoffs, along with a lot of teams. Crosby can’t keep up with Suzuki, malkin is smarter and more experienced than dvorak. Reilly is 31 years old. He would be a better centre to compete with say taveras, Bergeron, Stamkos, malkin, Montreals denfense is going to get better and better this season, I think they put it out as a rebuild but maybe they did both, maybe they made it look like a flop season, but the things they’ve did did both, I think they should get a 2nd line centre like oreilly this season that would shut down more of the second line centres, oreilly has played with Allen, Hoffman a season. He would fit in nicely. I think come playoffs Montreal would make some noise, with the team they have right now. Savard edmonuston, Matheson all are very experienced. You mix that with guhle, Harris wifis strength he, plays a style of game that Montreal has been missing, he’s fights, he hits, he score etc. I think with an experienced 2nd line centre, I think they could upset a lot of teams. Their goaltending is alittle weak, but the defense they have will shut down Matthews, Crosby, I think the team they have right now could compete. They have what they were missing, right now, they have goal scores, a 1st line centre, a coach, 1.

14 Nov 2022 18:53:28
I love your enthusiasm but you need to slow your roll. They aren't ready yet. It's not time to give up first and second round picks for expiring contracts.

17 Nov 2022 07:21:45
I was going to add before lastnights disaster. That one team they would have a challenge against was the New Jersey devils. They have a great hockey team this year. I don’t think Allen should be getting the work load of games, I think they should give samuel montembeault more games. If they are rebuilding then start trading players now. Flop the season amd loose. I would love to see them try to win, but at the beginning of the season I said I I hoped they would flop, as long as they won 4 games all against Toronto, so if they are rebuilding, then trade gallahger, Allen, edmonston, Hoffman, drouin, dadonov, prices contract, Dvorak, now I really want them to keep Anderson but appartently he could be on the move. But my issue about 1 round picks is amd with now 32 teams, unless your picks fall in the top 5 or a player is over looked, the first round pick is worthless. Pittsburgh for an example flopped and got Crosby malkin and fluery, they won a 3 cups, Chicago got Kane toews won cups. Montreal will never compete unless they flop but they are winning so there 1st pick may be nothing more than getting another Louis Leblanc. Montreal over the years have drafted horrible terrible scouting. And most of all they usually finished where they couldn’t draft a mcdavid, or drasital, or malkin, then they keep players around to long, like gallahger, subban, many more but price is the best example, they trade halak for less than what he was worth, kept price when they could have gotten Claude giroux, halak at the time would have been the better one to keep, would have been. Cheaper to resign, and price would have brought them a way better package, subban should have been traded before his 9 million dollar contract, gallahger should have been trade before his last contract, teams steer away from the bigger contracts but if they had traded them before that would occur then they probably would have won a cup by now. The last year they were in the finals if they had say traded for Anthony mantha, or savard they probably would have won the cup. This the 1950 or the 1970. There is 32 teams now, you pretty much have to buy a team and give up assets to win a cup. It’s just the way it is now. I there is a way in kinda doing what the 1970s Montreal team did but problem is, these last place teams aren't trading 1st round picks for has bins. So they only have a small window in winning, and what makes it even more difficult is to he league does not want a Canadian team to win.

13 Nov 2022 08:41:53
I may be sounding like a leaf fan right now, but I think this team actually could compete this year, I think they could pull something off without sacrificing there future, they are missing only one or two things, a number two centre with experience, and maybe another veteran defensman wit experiernce, and just a presence for the younger ones to learn from and just be in the locker room to guide them.
I'd be all over trying to pull off a ryan oreilly trade. I would be giving the younger goalie more game play, Samuel. The goaltending is a little shaky. But you never know, price hasn't ruled about playing again. Long shot but could be he may be back if the right circumstances came up and if not, and goalie was still shaky at playoff time they could trade for one at deadline. I would trade dvorak, and ship out either drouin or dadonov, I think Hoffman would make if they could pull off oreilly would great with gally. I mean it's a pipe dream, but this team in paper at the beginning didn't look very hopeful, but this team is only going to get better this season. It is really close to turning around. This team I would say is better than the one that made it to the finals. They are a lot better team. All they don't have is an injured price amd Weber really. They are a lot faster, have 100 times a better coach. I never liked that coach they brought in for Jullian, they played there best hockey when he wasn't on the bench. And as for Berveron, I think he sabotaged the team last year knowing he was moving to la. He brought in two coaches that did nothing the first times around in Montreal just to replace Julian with the worst coach Montreal had in years. I would give up Dvorak a first round pick and prospect to St. Louis just to have a chance at competing this year. This team deserves to show everyone that they are better than what people thought they were. Everyone said there defence was week, I don't think they are. When Matheson comes back they will even better than they are. I look at it line the 1993 defense, Eric dejarins Mathieu schiender, Lyle odelian. This team is very comparible to the players and ages now to then. Only difference is Patrick Roy is missing. But who know that Samuel may pull it off, Jordan binnington did it for St. Louis, a team like this one has players that everyone gave up on, all does is makes them prove the other teams that got rid of them they were wrong, monahan, dach, even wifi was passed up in the draft,

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26 Dec 2022 14:14:12
OMG…?…HUGE no, and those long rants read worse than the leaf fan drivel that you compared yourself to.

Habs are rebuilding and trading a package for a UFA is simply insane.


08 Nov 2022 00:47:52
Habs trade:J Harris
J Druin (2.75 retained)

Kings Trade:B Clarke

Habs get offensive potential top pairing RD and Kings get a bottom 4 LD and a playmaking winger.Both teams dealing from a position of strength

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10 Nov 2022 03:39:01
Harris isn’t going to get traded, no players under 24 are going to be traded.

11 Nov 2022 18:11:10
Love Harris but Clarke is 3 years younger a right shot possible top pairing guy. Habs are really deep on the left side. Something Has To Give On The left. Matheson Edmundson, Guhle, Harris, Xhekaj with Norlinder Struble and Hutson coming.

11 Nov 2022 23:59:23
Xhekaj is playing the right side. It I see anyone going it’s Edmonston. Struble doesn’t sound like he’s interested in signing in Montreal. Huston is afew more years away. Norlander may never get out of the ahl. Harris +/ - has been better and more consistent than any of there other denfense.

31 Oct 2022 13:30:17
MTL trades Dvorak to PHI for:

- van Riemsdyk (No retention/IR for 6 more weeks)
- 1st ('23)
- 3rd ('23)
- Ronnie Attard (RD prospect)

Philly gets help at C where they're currently dealing with injuries, as well as getting rid of that awful JVR contract, leaving them with roughly 5M in cap space for further moves.

MTL leverages their space for picks and a RD prospect.

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21 Oct 2022 13:56:46
MTL: Hoffman (50% retained)

PHI: Braun + 2nd ('25)

- Braun will be expendable when Ristolainen returns shortly.

- Philly needs help up front, and Hoffman is well worth the risk at 50% off.

- MTL needs an experienced RD, and Braun is UFA at the end of this season, so he can be flipped again at the trade deadline.

- MTL has too many forwards, and they have the cap space to absorb half his salary for a 2nd rounder.

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22 Oct 2022 01:18:52
Hoffman is not doing very much. Time to move on from him!

22 Oct 2022 21:19:44
Habs would be lucky to get a 5th for him right now. Way too big an ask.

24 Sep 2022 13:10:00
Montreal: Christian Dvorak, Kaiden Guhle and 2024 top 10 protected 1st changes to a 2025 unprotected 1st

Winnipeg: PLD+ cap dump

Montreal gets a very good 2c and Winnipeg gets a solid package for a player who wants to go.

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24 Sep 2022 23:14:14
Why give up Guhle. If Dach doesn't pan out as a 2C sign Dubois in two yrs for nothing.

20 Oct 2022 07:06:54
I wouldn’t do that trade. Kaiden guhlie should have been a top ten pick. Dubois can sign in Montreal in 2 years. Montreal picked Suzuki to be the captain so he should retired in Montreal. No other player until he retires should last more than 12 years in the organization in this day and age. Take caufield, he finished his 3 year entry level contract, now if they sign him for 8 years and he keeps up with his numbers and points he produces they should trade him around six years into his contract, get the value they deserve for him, doesn’t matter cause after that. Cause for an example of him he’s will be 31 amd wanting another 6 year or eight year contact and be washed up and worth nothing and have to buyout his contract. Amd get no return for him. Or let him hit free agency and get nothing for him amd loose the money spent amd the assetw they invested in for nothing. gms and owners are so stupid. I believe a team could have dynasties again if they stopped handing out ridicous contract. Montreal doesn’t need the owner or gm buying players they sell tickets and marchanrise regardless. They need to be smart and build teams that is always youthful and compete at winning championships. Trade off slowly a certain percentage of your players when there value is high. Use the salary cap to your advantage. Once you have a championship team, you as a gm should be smart enough to filter out contracts before they are worth nothing to gain new assets.

09 Sep 2022 19:00:37
Hoffman to Edmonton for Tyson Barrie

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09 Sep 2022 21:28:20
Good trade!

06 Sep 2022 13:45:59
BUF : Devon Levi
MTL : Christian Dvorak

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09 Sep 2022 21:29:59
Interesting if HABS could pull it off. Levi would bolt to top spot in prospects!

19 Sep 2022 21:49:16
Levi isn’t a serious prospect to BUF or anywhere else. Easy no.


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