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29 Nov 2021 03:39:23
Montreal trades:
Ben Chiarot @3.5 mil UFA 2022

Calgary trades:
Nikita Zadorov @3.75 mil UFA 2022
2022 third round pick

The contracts are comparable Chiarot makes 3.5 mil and Zadorov 3.75 mil. Both players become UFAs after this season is over.

Calgary gets an upgrade on defense (nastier too) while Montreal gets an extra draft pick.


Montreal trades:
Ben Chiarot 3.5 mil
2nd round pick

Calgary trades:
Nikita Zadorov 3.75 mil
Dillon Dube @2.3 mil RFA in 2024

The difference is Calgary gets a decent pick for next year while Montreal gets a decent young LW who could use a change of scenery, is signed for 2 more years after this one and RFA then.

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29 Nov 2021 01:42:26
Is he worth taking a chance on? Is it possible he knows this is his last chance and keep his nose clean

Evader Kane- SJ retains 3.5 mill

Byron and a 3rd

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26 Nov 2021 09:34:50
Montreal stands pat

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25 Nov 2021 17:52:34
To Montréal Kravtsov
To Ny Rangers: Lehkonen.

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27 Nov 2021 14:45:08
I love Lehkonen and think he is underrated but when I heard Kravtsov was on the block I immediately thought of this exact same trade. A good move for both teams.

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20 Nov 2021 21:21:51
Calgary Trades:
Sean Monahan (27-UFA2023@6.375mil)

To Montreal for:
Brendon Gallagher (29-UFA2027@6.5m)

OR Boston for:
Taylor Hall (30-UFA2025@6.0mil)

-Calgary needs a Right Shot RW
-Boston needs a 2nd line Center
-Montreal has Gallagher on 3rd line and maybe Dvorak isn't quite working out at 2nd line Center position.

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19 Nov 2021 22:54:30
This isn't for this year exactly, but montreal can can be an intersting team.

Montreal: Price (2m retained)

Florida: Bobrovski, 1st rd pick, Evan Nause

monreal is facing an identity crisis. not totally sure what they are beyond a goalie and a defence man. this honors price and send him to a solid team for a couple years of cup chances. in return montreal gets a solid goalie, a 1st round draft pick, and a solid LHD prospect with size and good skating.

florida is in win now mode, and might aas well get a consensus top 5 in the nhl goalie, and 1.5m in cap savings for more tinkering for playoff runs.

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21 Nov 2021 21:03:03
Other then last year Bob has probably been as good or better then Price the last 5yrs. Panthers have Spencer Knight ready to go as well. If anything Montreal would have to give up the 1st. No way Florida even thinks about.

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19 Nov 2021 21:28:44
Jets: Gallagher and Drouin

Habs: P. L. D.

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12 Nov 2021 16:35:09
Habs: Jonathan Toews

Hawks: Caufield and Romanov.

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14 Nov 2021 22:04:24
Do you even look or think about these offers. Toews makes 10million Caufield and Romanov make under 2 million combined. Toews is pretty much done and Habs wouldn't give up either one of the two let alone both for him. It might be your silliest post and there have been a few.

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09 Nov 2021 22:28:56
Habs: Kadri, Kuemper, and Girard

Avs: Price, Drouin, and Petry.

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28 Sep 2021 23:48:01
Mtl:Drouin,Lehkonen, 2rd2022


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15 Oct 2021 14:02:11
Strome would be good pickup at centre. Could play on 3rd line to produce some offence.

I think the Habs should offer 2 of these: Poehling and/ or Mailloux and/ or a goalie prospect not named Primeau - along with a 2nd round pick.

Not sure if it would get it done but I do think it would be worth considering.

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