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20 Feb 2023 21:31:09
Ok, here we go.

Mtl: Josh Anderson

Cgy: 2023 1st, Jeremie Poirier

Before there is any projectile pants filling by the detractors, please research Poirier as a prospect.
This trade would fit the pattern displayed last year by Hughes: "No, we don't want to trade Lehkonen." Then he is traded for a prospect and a 2nd.
Yes, Anderson and Lehkonen are different players, and we can debate Barron vs Poirier, but Flames' 1st this year is worth much more than Avs' 2nd last year.

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21 Feb 2023 08:10:03
We have an abundance of LD!

17 Feb 2023 20:00:10
MTL - Edmunson with salary retained

To whoever doesn't matter really we will use one of the other trades one here

LA - 1st and 4th

Follow that up with

MTL - Monahan with salary retained

COL - 1st

Then the fun starts

MTL - Josh Anderson, 3rd or 4th

CAL - Jakob Pelletier, 1st, plus a salary dump player

MTL - 1st (fla), 1st (col), 1st 2025 (mtl or cal which ever is worse

ARI - Jakob Chychrun

If unable to trade monahan at that price use the other 1st received from CAL in Anderson deal

Rebuild is fast tracked with 2 really good players still selected in the 1st rd in 2023 and chychrun only being 24

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17 Feb 2023 20:39:13
Would be nice however I think Anderson is worth more than 3rd - 4 th . We shall see!

18 Feb 2023 00:50:57
It was Anderson + 3rd or 4th to Calgary for Pelletier and a 1st.

18 Feb 2023 16:20:57
That would work!

15 Feb 2023 16:10:26
VEGAS: Jake Allen (50% retained)

MTL: 2023 1st & 6th

- Vegas needs insurance in G, and Allen is the kind of personality that gets along with everyone.

- Vegas currently has $4166 Cap Space at the deadline. This trade gives them $891,666 in deadline space to go shopping and address additional needs

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19 Feb 2023 15:55:36
Allen is still a good goalie however he can be traded for the right price.

14 Feb 2023 13:51:27
Montreal Canadiens:
- LD Joel Edmundson ($3.5m for 1 more year after this season)**

LA Kings:
- 2023 First round draft pick

** Montreal retains 30% of Edmundson's salary ($1.05m)

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09 Feb 2023 16:43:43
MTL: Edmundson

LA: 1st + 4th (2023)

- Edmundson won the Cup in 2019 with STL & went to the Finals in 2021 with MTL. (That kind of experience matters to NHL GM's).

- At a reasonable 3.5M this year and next, he's a key add for someone with an open window.

- LA, EDM & CAR are rumoured to be interested. With his past playoff performance and size he will be in demand.

He is currently day-to-day, and with the trade deadline 3 weeks from tomorrow, it will be interesting to see if this goes to the deadline, or if someone pulls a "Lou" and nabs him early.

LA & CAR don't need to send MTL a bad contract to fit him in, or require retention, but needless to say that will cost extra in trade capital.

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10 Feb 2023 13:37:11
Good trade for all concerned!

10 Feb 2023 18:47:12
I think Montreal might have to eat some salary but a first from anybody is good enough.

02 Feb 2023 15:25:59
MTL: Hoffman

CGY: 4th ('23)

or 2nd ('23) with 50% retention.

Treliving wants a shooter, and Hoffman has looked much better in the past month. With a better C feeding that shot of his he would be far more productive than the 20-goal pace he's on.

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31 Jan 2023 05:26:43
To Avs: Drouin @ 50%
To Habs: 5th round (becomes a 3rd if Drouin has a minimum of 15 pts. In playoffs)

Gives Drouin a chance to réunit with McKinnon and prove he still has something to offer. Habs get a pick.

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30 Jan 2023 19:29:05
3-Way Trade:


- Edmundson to EDM (25% retained)
- Dadonov to EDM (50% retained)

- Gallagher to ANA (25% retained)- - Ylonen to ANA
- 3rd (2023) to ANA
- 5th (2024) to ANA


- Gallagher to EDM (retains 50%)


- 1st (2023) to MTL
- 5th (2023) to MTL
- 5th (2024) to MTL
- Foegle to MTL (clears 2 years x 2.75M)
- Puljujärvi (Clear Cap)

- 3rd (2023) to ANA


- MTL gets a 1st & 2 5th, and clears Gallagher's contract off the books. (Gally waives to get another Cup shot near home)

- ANA turns available cap space into 3 picks and a prospect to retain 2.438M x the next 4 seasons.

- EDM gets a big, top-4 D, for this season and next, and hometown boy Gally at a fraction of his current contract, and a guy (Dadonov) who might fit in beautifully with the talented top-9 in EDM in exchange for a 1st, 3rd, and 2 5ths, while getting the salary relief to make much needed additions.


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31 Jan 2023 05:38:43
MTL is getting the short end of this deal.

01 Feb 2023 23:25:45
Nobody's going after Gallagher. Not until he proves he can stay healthy.

26 Jan 2023 07:39:04
Trade to be completed at this summers draft

Jets trade Dubois


Montreal for Kirby Dach and Kaiden Guhle.

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26 Jan 2023 13:24:50
There isn't enough there for the Jets to consider it. Dach is an okay winger and Guhle, while good, is an LHD and not needed.

Winnipeg would get more for PLD as a rental at next year's TDL. So they say no.

26 Jan 2023 17:57:27
No way Habs do that deal. Guhle could very well be a top pairing defenseman and Dach could be the Winger Suzuki and Caufield need. Habs could just wait and get him for nothing the next off season.

26 Jan 2023 21:41:31

31 Jan 2023 05:28:40
Why would Mtl trade for Dubois, let alone give up value, when they will still be in somewhat of a rebuild when Dubois contract is up.

18 Jan 2023 22:39:22
Edmonton trade
& 1st Rd 2023

Montreal trade
& 4th Rd 2024

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24 Jan 2023 14:29:49
Do it, if possible!


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