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24 Sep 2022 13:10:00
Montreal: Christian Dvorak, Kaiden Guhle and 2024 top 10 protected 1st changes to a 2025 unprotected 1st

Winnipeg: PLD+ cap dump

Montreal gets a very good 2c and Winnipeg gets a solid package for a player who wants to go.

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24 Sep 2022 23:14:14
Why give up Guhle. If Dach doesn't pan out as a 2C sign Dubois in two yrs for nothing.

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09 Sep 2022 19:00:37
Hoffman to Edmonton for Tyson Barrie

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09 Sep 2022 21:28:20
Good trade!

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06 Sep 2022 13:45:59
BUF : Devon Levi
MTL : Christian Dvorak

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09 Sep 2022 21:29:59
Interesting if HABS could pull it off. Levi would bolt to top spot in prospects!

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19 Sep 2022 21:49:16
Levi isn’t a serious prospect to BUF or anywhere else. Easy no.

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31 Aug 2022 02:04:04
Drouin for Kylington

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01 Sep 2022 01:08:01
Kylington is a good player however shoots left! We need a right handed defencemen . Also last but not least Drouin will bounce back!

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01 Sep 2022 04:16:12
Point taken, but it seems to me the Flames' D is already set. That means there isn't any spot among top 3 pairs for Kylington.

Dealing Drouin now frees a spot for the young wingers in line for a call-up.

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01 Sep 2022 09:59:24
I would not move on Drouin at this time. He is still a young man with now family responsibilities. However I believe that Hughes will be keeping a close watch on him also interesting to see what St Louis can do with him. There are many good players out there now however HABS top priority, as I see it, is to find a top Goaltender of the new style of players that are now becoming the in thing, brains over brawn. Also new style goalie coach!

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24 Aug 2022 01:24:27
L.A - B. Clarke

Mon- J. Struble
J. Mysac
E. Dadanov (2.5 retained)
J. Ylonen

Habs add a top flight right shot defenceman

Kings deal from a position of strength to get a good left d prospect and solidify there wing depth where they are weak.

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19 Aug 2022 04:27:32
Christian Dvorak to colarado for Samuel girard.

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19 Aug 2022 05:35:34
This trade makes sense for both teams, Montreal has centre depth now, but need a puck moving defenseman to make end too end rushes, bolster the power play and can play both sides, he may not be as big as Weber but he is quicker. They also got salfovsky and caufield that can play high in the slot for what they are lacking from Weber. They both got rockets for shots. And there shots are only going to get harder and faster. Now colarado lost kadri, and Dvorak is alittle younger but can player the rugged game kadri played, I think he belongs back out west, he doesn’t fit in the style of game that Montreal is creating with there we call rebuild, but they are making trades that are making the team competitive and rebuilding at the same time. Sam pullock did that for years. The only reason why Montreal is being put down to finish in the bottom is because they are being based on last year, they would never have finished last if it hadn’t been for injuries, terrible head coach, a general manager that was only thinking about leaving Montreal for a sun shine state, what a trader to his own province, he ruined the team, I never seen a team be competitive one year and flop the next, it was like clock work all the years he was there they made the playoffs pretty much every other year.

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23 Aug 2022 00:21:08
Let us move on from Bergevin! He did many good things however he gave out bad contracts! Hockey is a business and should be treated as such . Mr. Hughes will treat it as such!

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13 Aug 2022 15:45:57
VGK - Chayka, cond 3rd round pick (turns to 2024 2nd if VGK makes the playoffs)
MTL - Jake Allen

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15 Aug 2022 11:35:51
No trade involving Jake Allen at this time as he is the HABS best goaltender at the moment!

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19 Aug 2022 04:23:27
I would say price is out until the trade deadline. So Allen isn’t going anywhere. Picking up Sean Monaghan was an amazing trade. I would say they are under estimating the team Montreal has. That trade shows they are rebuilding but yet showing Montreal is making a slight leap to push for a bottom playoff spot. The trades they have been making are priceless. If they had just one more depth defenseman the team they have could make the playoffs. It’s sounds ridiculous but last year they were plagued by injuries. A terrible coach, and the general manager did some terrible moves to try and compete again. Then again he allowed danualt to walk, knowing he would be following him in Los Angeles. I would say if price is back around deadline Allen is being traded either for picks or a piece that would fill a hole that is needed if they are in playoff contention and price is back. Price is only being put on the ltir so they have extra salary. Tampa did it with kucherov. I would say they aren't going to do much more with this team at the moment. The only trade I could see is Montreal trading Dvorak for a defensman. Like I would like to see Samuel girard in a Montreal uniform. They have the coach, probably one of the most liked coaches in the league by the players. He will probably turn Monaghan’s game Around as he did Caufield.

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19 Aug 2022 05:54:48
Might I add, a coaches relationship with the players is very important, a kid coming into the nhl, I believe from experience is almost like having a Second father or a role model to look up to, you trust in them for advice and guidance to make you better, give you confidence, a lot of super stars, are superstars because of the coaching they got from the beginning to the end. If Montreal hadn’t of fired that meat head of a coach they hired, cole caulfields game may never have turned around, and his career may have ended up in the minors. Darrell sutter is a good coach, but he’s a terrible coach on players, I would say Sean Monaghan’s game changed because of sutter. A coach can’t use favouritism over there players, I bet at Louis bring Monahan back to where he was 3 or 4 years ago, he’s only 27 years old. Bet Vinny works with dach and gives him the advice of what he did wrong with his career, instead of what he did right.

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19 Aug 2022 06:13:48
Oh and at the deadline if in a playoff spot trading for a veteran presence, preferably that plays centre, I mean it would bump evans out of the line up, but the centre position quarterbacks the team. Amd a veteran presence is for the players to look up to guide them with there past experience. This sounds absurd but if they could fit johnathan toews in, there could be a Cinderella team in the making, St. Louis did it, so anything is possible.

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09 Aug 2022 06:31:44
3 team trade






Armia-Pitlick-Byron or Evans

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09 Aug 2022 23:47:44
Anderson and Savard for two 3rds in 2 yrs. How does that help Montreal? Is this just to dump salary? Great deal for Winnipeg though.

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04 Aug 2022 17:08:17
3 Team Trade - EDM / WPG / MTL

EDM; Dach, Savard

WPG; Puljujärvi, Dvorak, 2023 2nd (MTL)

MTL; Dubois, Barrie

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19 Aug 2022 05:12:34
I don’t see savard going anywhere, I don’t see drouin, what I see is the new managment is trying to bring back French Canadian players to play where they rightfully belong. The Montreal Canadiens built dynasty’s by funding money through there junior teams. They bought the Quebec aces just so they owned the rights to Jean beliveau. The league screwed over the Montreal Canadiens by taking there right to having first dibs on French Canadian hockey players. What would have Montreal looked like if Gilbert Perrault, marcel Dionne, Mario Lemieux, and so many more had been playing in Montreal. Oh can’t forget Raymond bourque or mike bossy. Montreal would have continued winning cups all threw the 80s Probably right into the mid to late 90s. I believe the Stanley cups was given as a piece offering from England to Quebec by lord Stanley of commerce, hockey started in Montreal and Quebec.

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28 Jul 2022 20:37:28
(ARZ & CHI included for cap help)

Savard (ARZ retains $1M)
Anderson (CHI retains $1.5M)



2024 5th (EDM)

** To help make the cap work

2024 3rd round pick (NJD)


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