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28 Sep 2021 23:48:01
Mtl:Drouin,Lehkonen, 2rd2022


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15 Oct 2021 14:02:11
Strome would be good pickup at centre. Could play on 3rd line to produce some offence.

I think the Habs should offer 2 of these: Poehling and/ or Mailloux and/ or a goalie prospect not named Primeau - along with a 2nd round pick.

Not sure if it would get it done but I do think it would be worth considering.

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20 Sep 2021 17:46:33
Has: MacKinnon

Avs: Suzuki, Romanov, Drouin, plus 2 first round picks.

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21 Sep 2021 15:58:20
I'm not sure why either team would do this.

MTL would gut their organization to accommodate get a great player, but would weaken their organization to do it.

COL would lose a key piece for futures, when they're clearly trying to win now.

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22 Sep 2021 19:39:48
Agree. Mackinnon is great but you would be ruining any longterm plans.

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23 Sep 2021 12:38:48
McKinnon is a good player however Montreal would never gut the team for 1 player no matter who "

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14 Sep 2021 16:04:59
Price to Pens straight up for Crosby

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15 Sep 2021 00:10:07
Would be nice as Crosby has always wanted to play for the habs.

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17 Sep 2021 23:53:50
Revision of opinion. Crosby is 1 concussion away from retiring!

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06 Sep 2021 22:40:05
Columbus trades Domi

Habs give up Byron, Lehkonen and a 4th.

No deal until late Dec if Domi is healthy

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22 Sep 2021 19:40:21
Domi for byron maybe.

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03 Sep 2021 13:32:27
To Montreal: Nazem Kadri + JT Compher
To Colorado :Jonathan Drouin + 2nd round pick
Colorado Clear cap space and they can put landeskog with Newhook and burakovski
Also Drouin Mackinnon Rantanen.
For montreal Kadri can do the job at #2 center and compher can replace any bottom 6 players.

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07 Sep 2021 20:13:36
NO thank-you from MTL.

Kadri is talented, but there's something wrong between his ears. He has been suspended time and time again and let his team down for reacting emotionally and foolishly. You can't depend on a player like that, so he can't be on your team.

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02 Sep 2021 16:08:21
2 1sts (Habs' pick and the Canes') for Dubois

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02 Sep 2021 18:09:51
A hard no by the Jets. They are in win now mode and the picks won't cut it. Habs chance to get him has passed.

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30 Aug 2021 18:02:24
MTL: Dvorak

ARI: 1st & 3rd (Carolina '22) + Ylonen

Montreal completes the deal by sending a fruit basket & chocolates to Carolina's Tom Dundon, with a thank-you card for his expen$ive hissy-fit.

(Ironically, KK + Ylonen would NOT have gotten Dvorak, but this may.)

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31 Aug 2021 15:00:37
I read your comments with interest! They all make sense to me! You obviously know your rules and regulations. Hopefully M. Bergeron is paying attention as he can use some help!



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31 Aug 2021 20:27:06
It all sounds good I just hope Dvorak can fill the 2nd line center roll. Hoping they could get something better. I was hoping this would be KKs breakout year. For some reason I think Bergevin will match.

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31 Aug 2021 23:23:23
Thanks Eddy, I was being insulted on the leaf site so your comment seems out of place, but thanks manπŸ‘.

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01 Sep 2021 14:10:15
Leafs, laughs, same thing! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

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01 Sep 2021 20:20:01
Being insulted on a Leaf site is all the more proof you know your stuff. lol. Always respect your opinion.

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07 Sep 2021 20:15:44
Hey Dalhousie and Bad Habits,

Thanks boysπŸ‘.

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30 Aug 2021 04:34:53
To Calgary:
2022 first round pick
Kotkaniemi (with offer sheet matched)

To Montreal:
Sean Monahan

Montreal gets out of a bind with the offer sheet on KK.

Calgary gets.

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30 Aug 2021 15:50:04
This transaction is impossible under league rules.

KK can't be traded by ANYONE this year, either by the team that offer-sheeted him, or by the Habs if they matched.

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30 Aug 2021 01:16:27
Ottawa receives Drouin and a 2nd in 2022 for Tierney.
Ottawa gets a low risk high reward player (they have money to spend, and if he sucks just leave him on ltir) and they get a pick.

Montreal gets a depth forward and sheds cap so they can resign KK.

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30 Aug 2021 15:52:33
You can't put a player on LTIR "if he sucks".

LTIR is for injured players on "long term injured reserve". He's ready to go, and can't go on LTIR.

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30 Aug 2021 00:05:51
To Montreal :
C - Sean Monahan ( 6.37 @ 2 UFA )

To Toronto :
LW - Jonathan Drouin ( 5.50 @ 2 UFA )

To Calgary :
2022 - First-Round Selection ( MTL )
2022 - Second-Round Selection ( TOR )
C - Alex Kerfoot ( 3.50 @ 2 UFA )
D - Travis Dermott ( 1.50 @ 2 RFA )

J Drouin - A Matthews - M Marner
N Robertson - J Tavares - W Nylander
N Ritchie - M Bunting - I Mikheyev

T Toffoli - N Suzuki - C Caufield
M Hoffman - S Monahan - B Gallagher
A Lehkonen - J Evans - J Anderson

J Gaudreau - E Lindholm - M Tkachuk
A Mangiapane - M Backlund - B Coleman
D Dube - A Kerfoot - T Pitlick.

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30 Aug 2021 15:57:49
MTL declines Monahan, a career -31.

CGY declines picks, they're still trying to go for it.

Everyone declines Kerfoot and Dermott who are in EVERY leaf proposal. (Seattle could have taken Kerfoot for nothing, and declined. )

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